Story Time Chess Level 2 Strategy Expansion


Story Time Chess 2: Strategy Expansion is the guaranteed way to take your child’s chess abilities to the next level. Building off of Story Time Chess this expansion game will teach your child:

  • Pawn Promotion
  • Castling
  • Opening Strategy
  • Board Analysis
  • Making a Plan

The Level 2 Strategy Expansion includes: 

  • 88 Page Full Illustrated 9 Chapter Storybook
  • 4 New main characters: The Cranky Princess, Waldo the Woodpecker, Thalia The Octopus, & Casanova the Dragon
  • 2 New Queen Pieces
  • 2 New Promoted Queen character cutouts
  • 30+ mini games
  • 54 page Coloring book
  • 46 page Activity workbook
  • 68 page Puzzle workbook

Transform pawns, play with dragons, and chase new adventures with the Story Time Chess Level 2 Strategy Expansion! Featuring an illustrated storybook with nine all-new chapters, as well as puzzle, activity, and coloring books, our Level 2 Strategy bundle has everything your child needs to continue striving for chess success.

As always no advanced chess experience is necessary; just open up the storybook and dive in! Story Time Chess Level 2 Strategy Expansion requires Story Time Chess: The Game (sold separately)

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